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We do provide full project management and training solutions for both individuals and organisations. The table below has useful links based on your requirements. You can also send us an Email and we will reply you within one working day. We are working Saturday to Thursday.

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We are happy to help you enhancing your planning and scheduling skills. Whether you are a fresh graduated, would like to shift you career to planning, or even an advanced user, we have something useful for you. This website has three main sections (links are posted below) that would help you to enhance your planning and scheduling skills. First section is our blog where we post useful articles and videos about Project Management and Planning. This section is completely free of charge, and if you are a registered member, you will get a newsletter email with our new articles in weekly basis. Second section in our website is the courses. In this section we have many courses that teaches planning and scheduling techniques from scratch to advanced. This section has one free course and others courses are paid. All our paid courses have completion certificates that will be automatically issued to you upon completion of the relevant exam. We divided our courses into beginner and advanced so you would know which one is relevant to you. Third section in our website is the tools section. In this section we developed tools that could help you to accelerate your daily tasks and provide you with power to produce creative reports. Our tools are not exists else where, because we created it ourselves.

Section one our blog:

Section two our courses:

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We do understand the construction projects challenges. We know how complicates it is, and we appreciate the value of time and urgent requests from our clients. Accordingly, we are here to help. You can count on us and outsourcing to us tasks that your organisation cannot do at required time and/or quality. Furthermore, we can develop a training programs to your employees. Project Management since is a great help to construction projects. However, academic since does not help in construction sites. We do have practical solutions since we participated in real construction projects not only in Paper. Following are examples of our services, we can do more as per your requirements:

Tender Schedules.

Master Schedules.

Detailed Schedules.

Cost and resources calculations.

Cost control.

Weekly and Monthly progress reports.

Extension of time (EOT).

Planning tools for project team.

Training for project/company staff.

Any other custom requests from our clients.

Drop us an Email now and we will respond to you within ONE working day.