We are specialised in construction project management.

We do provide full project management and training solutions for organisations. The table below has some of our services. You can also send us an Email and we will reply you within one working day. We are working Saturday to Thursday.

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Create an activity list to define all the works in the project.

Estimate the activities durations.

Estimate the activities resources.

Sequence the activities to estimate the project duration if it is not defined by the contract, or to match with contract completion date.

Estimate the total cost of the project.

Develop the project detailed time schedule.

Develop risk management plan.

Create project cash flow.

Create project labor histogram.

Create shop drawings tracking log.

Create materials tracking log.

Monthly and weekly reports.

Schedule control mini-schedules.

Cost control forms.

Manpower productivity forms.

QA/QC forms.

Inspections forms (IR-NCR-MIR).