Super Cost and Resource Loading Excel Tool


Effective excel tool to create cost and resource loading from the bill of quantities BOQ in few steps. Save your time and efforts with this custom made excel tool. No panic to create the cost loading or the resource loading with activity banks, standard productivity rates, and excel automation tool.


Watch This video:


What you will get when you purchase this tool?

1- Excel tool EXE files (one of office 32, and another for office 64)

2- Video explains how to activate your copy.

3- Detailed Cost Loading Excel Sheet.

4- Master Cost Loading Excel Sheet.

5- Free Update for all upcoming versions.

What you need to know before purchase this tool?

1- You need to have Excel 2013 or later.

2- The activation code is valid for 2 computer.

3- Now you can activate the tool online immediately after your purchase.

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