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Do you want to become a Planning Engineer? Do you want to improve your skills in construction planning? This Package exactly is what you want to understand the Construction Planning from the start to the professional Level. This Planning courses Package includes our best two courses for Engineers who want to start learning the Planning Engineering and continue to improve their skills to the advanced level.

This is a special package consists of two courses that will make you able to start your planning career.

A: Planning with Primavera for beginners:

Main skills

Planning Engineer Responsibilities

Planning Main Skills

How to read and understand Primavera Time Schedule 1

How to read and understand Primavera Time Schedule 2

How to read and understand Primavera Time Schedule 3

Project Cash flow and Manpower Histogram

Shop Drawings Tracking Log

Materials Procurement Tracking Log

Weekly / Monthly Reports

project management plan

Excel Fundamentals for Planning Engineers

Create Activity List with what you learned

Primavera Step by Step Download and Setup

Create Activity List and Cost Loading

Create WBS and Activity codes in primavera

Import activity list from Excel to Primavera

Estimate the activities duration in Primavera

Link Activities and define activities relationships in Primavera

Add the cost to each activity in the schedule

Common mistake in importing budget cost from excel

Add shop drawings to the time schedule

Add materials submittals, approvals, procurement and link them to activities

Create shop drawing -and- procurement tracking log

Estimate the Manpower

Create resource loading sheet on excel

Standard Labor Productivity rates

How to import Manpower from Excel to primavera

How to review a primavera time schedule for contractor and client

How to create Cash Flow

How to create Man Power Histogram

Create baseline, Payment Certificate and update the schedule

Photoshop for Planning Engineers

Project templates and reports

Installing and Managing Primavera P6 DataBases

Print Primavera Course-Basics Certificate.


B: Professional Planning Engineer (PPE) workshop:

Workshop Table of Contents:

S.N Lesson Name
1 How to study the project planning concept. (Week No. 1)
1.1 Read Project Layout
1.2 Read Project Contract
1.3 Read Project B.O.Q
1.4 Develop project layout and planning concept
1.5 Project Information
2 Prepare B.O.Q for Planning. (Week No. 2)
2.1 Introduction – Prepare B.O.Q for Planning
2.2 Know how to work with excel macros in 10 MIN Only !!
2.3 Prepare B.O.Q  ( Add Ref. No & Merge Items description)
2.4 Prepare B.O.Q  ( Add Div. No. & Add main Title for BOQ Items )
2.5 Prepare B.O.Q  ( Combined all BOQ Items in one sheet )
2.6 Check your calculations.
3 Planning in Excel. (Week No. 3)
3.1 Develop project activities bank.
3.2 Develop project Productivity bank.
3.3 Assign activities and Productivity to BOQ Items.
3.4 Create project schedule WBS in Excel.
3.5 Create project data loading in excel.
4 Planning in Primavera (Week No. 4)
4.1 Create project schedule in excel ready for primavera import.
4.2 Import project WBS from excel to primavera.
4.3 Import activities with relationships from excel to primavera.
4.4 Import activities cost and resources from excel to primavera.
4.5 Finalize the project schedule in P6 and fine tune the project duration.
4.6 Perform resource leveling in primavera.
4.7 Export final activity dates from primavera to excel monitoring sheet.
5 Monitor the project progress, and productivity. (Week No. 5)
5.1 Understand the concept of successful progress monitoring.
5.2 Develop project progress monitoring sheets.
5.3 Understand the concept of successful resources monitoring.
5.4 Develop project resources monitoring sheets.
6 Controlling the project. (Week No. 6)
6.1 Understand the concept of successful controlling.
6.2 How to use our special mobile application (IOS and android) to perform proactive actions.
6.3 Receive your first update data and how to update all your baseline documents.
7 Project reporting. (Week No. 7)
7.1 How to use the power of excel in reporting.
7.2 Develop senior management report with different dashboards.
7.3 Develop detailed reports for project team using our templates.
7.4 How to create any custom report.
8 Re-Planning. (Week No. 8)
8.1 Develop recovery schedule to mitigate contractor delays.
8.2 Develop revised schedule along with E.O.T to record client delays.
8.3 How to use our support forums and keep yourself updated (Continuous improvement).


This is all what you need to start your planning career with confidence.


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