Senior Planning Package


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Course No. 1

The Professional Planning Engineer (PPE) has been developed in a manner that will aid planning engineers in gaining the required knowledge, with the help of the study techniques and practical content that we develop and provide, which will empower them to plan, monitor, control, and report construction projects in a real construction projects environment. The aim of this course is to provide planning engineers with the right knowledge, content, and support which will enable them to comprehend and apply the theories they learn in an effective manner, thereby transforming them into smart planning engineers in the professional world.

Course No. 2


Data Management is the key success of construction projects reporting. This self-study course will teach you using a step by step case study how to create effective reports using Microsoft Excel by connecting data through Data Management. If you are using Excel to create reports, then this course is a MUST for you. This course is advanced and is very beneficial for planning engineers, construction managers, project managers, and site engineers.

Productivity Software


The First PC software that gathers construction productivity rates, activities description, activities predecessor and successor together. This is very essential software for Planning Engineers, Construction Managers, Project Managers, and Site Engineers.


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