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Course No. 1


In the present day corporate environment, where there is cut-throat competition, the need for efficient time management and timely completion of projects is essential for organizations to stay competitive. Even due to the growing need for time management in construction projects, many are failing to be finished on time. This can be detrimental for any hiring company since infrastructure development project delays can lead to increase in costs and process halt for organizations. These are real life scenarios which are bound to take place in the professional life of any and every project manager. A project manager will only be considered efficient and competent when he or she knows how to manage the allotted time, and to carry out operations and activities in a manner that further reduces this time period. In order to prepare project managers for such circumstances, it is crucial for them to understand Extension of Time and delay analysis.

Course No. 2


Advanced Planning With Primavera Course outlines:

1- Understand Project Management:

Earned Value Management EVM.
Understand the Critical Path Method CPM.
Percentage complete types.
Monitor the progress using level of efforts.
Understand the Critical Path Method CPM.
Methods to estimate activities duration.
How to review a time schedule.

2- Understand Primavera in Depth.

How to perform resource leveling.
Global change and defined fields.
Primavera reports in depth.
Primavera Calendars in depth.
Primavera Import and Export in depth.
Primavera Filter with multiple criteria.
Assigning Activities Steps and Weightage.
Activity usage profile and spread sheet.
Understand Claim Digger.
Understand Reflection in P6.
How to create a catchup and revised schedules.
How to create an Extension of Time (EOT).

Course No. 3


You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure. Why an accurate Progress Management System (PMS)? Does it really matter to spend time and effort to compile such detail system? There might be so many reasons for having an accurate progress measurement system depending on the type of project but the most important reason for us is to effectively Plan, Monitor, and Control The Project. And This is the Aim of Our Course.

Course No. 4


In this course we will show you how to evaluate the risk in you schedule and will teach you how to use the Pert Master software to find out what is the probability of you target completion date and how you can focus on the right activities to protect overall schedule from delays and risk impact. Following are is the content of the course which goes through the concept and definitions and after that will use an example schedule to take you through the steps of Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis process.

Tool No. 1


Effective excel tool to create cost and resource loading from the bill of quantities BOQ in few steps. Save your time and efforts with this custom made excel tool. No panic to create the cost loading or the resource loading with activity banks, standard productivity rates, and excel automation tool.

Tool No. 2


New excel tool that allow you to create a complete Primavera schedule along with WBS, duration, and relationships in excel. Even if you do not have any primavera skills you will be able to create a professional schedule with this excel tool. After i created this tool, i reduced my time to create a primavera schedule by 50%.

Tool No. 3


Resource Leveling is a special skill for Planning Engineer. With This Excel Tool Resources Leveling and Quantities distribution becomes very easy. Plan, and level resources in few steps and produce professional workable time schedule to construction team.


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