5 Planning Tools Package

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Special excel tools to facilitate the planning and scheduling process for planning engineers. This package includes 5 tools with 40% discount.

Introducing the tools package at a discounted rate!!

This package contains 5 excel tools, at a 40% discount rate, which have specially put together in order to help planning engineers plan and schedule tasks and related project activities as efficiently as possible.

Download Package Description and Contents : Planning Engineer Tools Package

This is a special offer for 5 excel tools with 40% discount.

Fiver specially formulated tools have been amalgamated to help you carry out your projects effectively. Avail these excel tools for an unbelievable price of $75, with a 40% reduction! Hurry up, and purchase this tool pack! Improve your project management efficiency!

This tools package is being offered at a discounted price. The original price for these 5 excel tools is worth $215. Since our aim is to help you and provide you with the best resources, which can improve your competency and make you a strategic asset in the industry, we are not offering this package at a discounted rate. The value for the package has been reduced from $125 to $75, with a 40% discount! This discount is only available for a limited time period, so hurry up! And get yourself this tools package for easier project management and supervision.

1- Create Primavera Schedule with relationships.

This tool will aid engineers in the development of schedules and plans with the help of the Primavera software. Primavera can be difficult for most engineers to understand and utilize, which is why this tool is an engineer’s best bet at ensuring that the plan and schedule will be easily formulated and effective.

Scheduling is the core activity required in project management. Do not let your projects get delayed. Purchase this Excel Toolkit and ensure effective performance and management of your new or on-going projects!

Link : Create Primavera Schedule with relationships. Excel Tool

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2- Cost and resource loading. Excel Tool

This is an excel tool to aid project planning and management engineers to develop cost and resource schedules. This tool is beneficial for developing budgets and doing cost analysis which can help analyze the financial situation of projects. Moreover, it provides the added benefit of analyzing the resources situation to ensure timely delivery and restocking of materials.

Cost management and resource restocking are activities which require time management in order to prevent delay and overheads. This tool is bound to prevent any delays and extra expenses by giving you accurate budgets and resource updates.

Link :Cost and resource loading. Excel Tool

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3- Effective Excel Bar Chart that distribute quantities. Excel tool

This excel tool has been developed to aid project planning and management engineers to develop schedules, thereby allowing to further break down the project activities in Primavera. This will allow project engineers and managers to carry out closer and more detailed analysis and monitoring of the project activities.

This tool will also assist project managers in resource leveling. Creating a fast schedule with quantities using the power of excel will further improve the competence of project engineers and managers.

Link : Effective Excel Bar Chart that distribute quantities. Excel tool



4.Powerful Monitoring and controlling. Excel tool 

Make activities monitoring and supervision hassle free with this powerful monitoring and controlling tool. This excel tool allows for managers to easily monitor activity status and progress, thereby ensuring that supervision of activities is being done effectively. This tool is bound to boost productivity as it can help project managers identify lags and slowdowns at an earlier stage.

Link : Powerful Monitoring and controlling. Excel tool

Watch the following videos for more information about monitoring and controlling excel sheet

5.Magical Resource leveling. Excel Tool 

Resource Leveling is a special skill for Planning Engineer for the sake of carrying out projects efficiently and without any delays. With This Excel Tool project managers can ensure that Resources Leveling and Quantities distribution is carried out in an effective and smooth manner. Plan and level resources in few steps and produce professional workable time schedule to the construction team.

Link : Magical Resource leveling. Excel Tool

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 Note: Some tools require activations. You need to open the tool EXE file, send your system ID to [email protected] and we will send you back your activation key.