Baseline Scheduling

We are specialized in Construction Project Management, excelling in crafting professional project baseline schedules using Oracle Primavera P6 while ensuring approval from your client. Our services encompass a comprehensive range, including Cost Loading Calculation sheets, Resource Loading Calculation sheets, and Cost & Resource loaded time schedules, all perfectly tailored to meet the demands of your project.
Additionally, we provide essential components such as Cash Flow – S Curve, Resources Histograms, Shop Drawings Tracking Logs, and Procurement Tracking Logs. Our commitment to excellence extends to accommodating any other requirements you may have, ensuring a seamless and successful project journey.
Partner with us for unparalleled project management services that drive success to your projects at every step.

Baseline Scheduling
Progress Reporting

Progress Reporting

We believe that “You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure.” Measuring progress is critical to achieving project success, and that’s where our exceptional progress reporting services come into play. With our expertise, we can develop a customized reporting system tailored precisely to your organization’s needs. Moreover, we are more than just a service provider; we can also represent you confidently in front of your client or consultant.
Our progress reporting services cover both weekly and monthly reports, ensuring you have timely updates to stay informed about project developments. We go beyond conventional reporting by actively participating in weekly/monthly progress meetings, presenting project status to management and clients.
Additionally, we handle critical aspects such as Shop Drawings Tracking, Materials Tracking, and Subcontractors’ Reports, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. To further meet your unique requirements, we are proficient in developing custom reports and tools that streamline your project management processes.

Claims Management and EOT

Construction claims and EOT matters can be naturally complex, but we are here to simplify the process for you. With our expertise, we can help you develop, negotiate, or evaluate any construction claim, ensuring your interests are protected.
Our approach begins by studying project documents, enabling us to identify EOT events accurately. Based on our findings, we recommend the best EOT analysis method to ensure a powerful claim. Our collaborative process involves discussions with project managers to assess potential events and clients to establish a solid foundation for your claim.
Using comprehensive insights from your project, we then proceed to develop an effective EOT claim, supported by a professional narrative report. Our team takes charge of negotiating the claim with your client, ensuring a fair resolution. Moreover, we extend our expertise to evaluate EOT claims put forth by both contractors and subcontractors, allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Claims Management and EoT
Power BI Dashboard

Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards

Power BI is a game-changer in data visualization, and we master its potential to craft enterprise dashboards that is tailored to all stakeholder levels. Our comprehensive dashboards bring together a wealth of data, showcasing planned data, earned value, and actual data, alongside delay analysis, procurement insights, shop drawing progress, cost and time variance, invoices data, issues and risk analysis, and quality metrics.

With these intuitive dashboards at your fingertips, you gain a bird-eye view of your projects, empowering you to make well-informed decisions with ease.

Our Power BI dashboards streamline data management, enabling you to focus on driving success. Embrace the power of data-driven project management and let our tailored dashboards be the motivation for your project’s accomplishment. Elevate your project management experience with our cutting-edge Power BI dashboard creation service today.

Tender Documents and Technical Proposal

Experience seamless tendering process with our expert service in crafting technical proposals for construction projects bidders. We tailor all the required documents, thoughtfully arranging them to meet the specific needs of the project owner. Our comprehensive proposals satisfy all owner requirements, including vital documents such as organizational charts, QA/QC plans, Cost Control Plan, Project Controlling Plans and procedures, material management plans and strategies, tender time schedules, Resources and manpower management plan, and health safety and environmental plans. Furthermore, we anticipate any additional documents your client might request, ensuring a polished and persuasive proposal that sets you apart from the competition. Rely on our proficiency to pave the way for your success in winning construction projects.

Tender Management

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