Now you can book live support to help you in your planning and scheduling. Ask Mr. Hany Ismail anything about Construction Planning via a zoom live meeting. For example:

  • How to solve this issue…?
  • How to do this …?
  • Careers advice…,
  • Review my work…,
  • How I can start planning…,
  • What is your advice about this situation…,
  • Any other planning & project management questions.

This service is one-to-one support through zoom meetings.

How to Book your live support:

1-Select the meeting duration (30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes).

2-Select the date and time that suits you as per available slots.

3- Fill in your information and expected questions/queries.

4- Proceed with the payment.

5- Get ready, your Live support meeting is scheduled.

Start here by selecting the meeting duration: