EOT-Claims Management and Delays Analysis-Offline-Dubai-20 to 23 January 2017


Some professionals spend their entire careers not knowing what a claim is and how to prepare, analyze and defend one. This course provides participants with the fundamental knowledge and principles behind construction claims. It is a professional and practical training provides engineers with the steps to reserve their rights and entitlements under construction contracts.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduce participants to claims administration from the beginning to the end of a project.
  • Examine the most common claims triggers between contractors and employers.
  • Provide participants with basic conflict-resolution skills.
  • Introduce participants to EOT time saving Tips& Tricks.


Course Details:

Intensive work shop with practical case study

Duration: 4 days (5 Hours /Day) including

presentation, workshop, valuable supporting documents, soft & hard templates for conditions of contract for building & engineering works, conditions of contract for EPC/Turnkey projects, guidance for the preparation of particular conditions).


Fees:   600$ USD per candidate


Location:   Avari Hotel , 34 C St,Abu Baker Al Siddique Road,Al Rigga  Area، Near Clock
Tower Roundabout, Behind Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.


Course Certificate: Attendance certificate at the end of the work shop.


Special offers:

Early register: 10% discount for early register till 30, December, 2016.

Credentialing teams bring a 5th member free! Organizations that purchase 4 seats to Construction Claims Management and Delays Analysis Course are eligible to bring a 5th team member to that Course for free.

Team pricing : for organizations that bring large teams (more than 5) is available. To know more, please contact us: mahmoud.mandor@planningengineer.net

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Definition of “Claim”
  • Sources of Claims
  • Stages of the Claim
  • Extension of Time Claims
  • EOT Claims Importance
  • Making Claims Responsibility
  • Claim Building ,Requirements, Steps
  • Find Events Step
  • Risk Events
  • Events Sources
  • Client Events
  • Direct Events
  • Hidden Events
  • Collect and Record Supporting Documents
  • Collect Supporting Documents During Project Execution
  • Collect Supporting Documents During Claim Preparation
  • Recording Supporting Documents
  • Discussion Meeting Log
  • Delays Tracking Log
  • Record Events
  • Analyze the delays
  • Claims Analysis
  • Global Method for Delay Analysis
  • As Planned Method for Delay Analysis
  • As Built Method for Delay Analysis
  • As Planned vs. As Built Method for Delay Analysis
  • Time Impact Analysis Method for Delay Analysis
  • Windows Snapshot Method for Delay Analysis
  • Additional Payment and Prolongation Costs Claim
  • Update Delays Tracking Log
  • Build Your Case
  • As Planned vs. As Built Method for Delay Analysis
  • Primavera Practical Case
  • Events Schedules
  • All Events Schedule
  • Total Delays Duration
  • Events Narrative documents
  • Get ready to defend your case
  • Different Methods for Dispute Resolution
  • Claim Reports
  • Reports Generation from Delays Log Method
  • Claims Procedures Under FIDIC
  • FIDIC Contact Forms Introduction
  • Claims Contractual Types
  • Claims Procedures Under FIDIC 1999
  • Claims Negotiation and Settlement
  • FIDIC Time Frame for Claims

We will be available in Dubai from 20 January to 23 January 2016. Please fill the form below and we will contact you to reserve your seat.


Start Time

4:00 pm

Friday, January 20, 2017

Finish Time

9:00 pm

Monday, January 23, 2017


Avari Hotel , 34 C St,Abu Baker Al Siddique Road,Al Rigga Area، Near Clock Tower Roundabout, Behind Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.


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