Construction Claims Course in Dubai.

This event has expired

Planning Engineer Team will be available in Dubai from 2nd December to 12th December 2016. We will conduct a special training for CONSTRUCTION CLAIMS MANAGEMENT AND DELAYS ANALYSIS. Our schedule is as follow:
From 2nd December to 5th December 2016.
And From 9th December to 12th December 2016.

Course Outline:

• Definition of “Claim”
• Sources of Claims
• Stages of the Claim
• Extension of Time Claims
• EOT Claims Importance
• Making Claims Responsibility
• Claim Building ,Requirements, Steps

Find Events:
• Risk Events
• Events Sources
• Client Events
• Direct Events
• Hidden Events

Collect and Record Supporting Documents:
• Collect Supporting Documents During Project Execution
• Collect Supporting Documents During Claim Preparation
• Recording Supporting Documents
• Discussion Meeting Log
• Delays Tracking Log
• Record Events

Analyze the delays:
• Claims Analysis
• Global Method for Delay Analysis
• As Planned Method for Delay Analysis
• As Built Method for Delay Analysis
• As Planned vs. As Built Method for Delay Analysis
• Time Impact Analysis Method for Delay Analysis
• Windows Snapshot Method for Delay Analysis
• Additional Payment and Prolongation Costs Claim
• Update Delays Tracking Log

Build Your Case:
• As Planned vs. As Built Method for Delay Analysis
• Primavera Practical Case
• Events Schedules
• All Events Schedule
• Total Delays Duration
• Events Narrative documents

Get ready to defend your case:
• Different Methods for Dispute Resolution
• Claim Reports
• Reports Generation from Delays Log Method

Claims Procedures Under FIDIC:
• FIDIC Contact Forms Introduction
• Claims Contractual Types
• Claims Procedures Under FIDIC 1999
• Claims Negotiation and Settlement
• FIDIC Time Frame for Claims


If you are interested to join this journey and know more about the course contents, please visit this link: click here