Egypt is my lovely country, Therefore, i have a special offer for Egyptians living in Egypt.

My offer is simple, for any course or tool, 1 USD = 4 Egyptian pounds. So, if you are interested in PPE course for example, the course price is 335 USD. You pay 335*4 = 1,340 Egyptian Pounds only.

This offer is valid for Egyptians who are working inside Egypt only!

Interested? So here are the steps to join:

1- Save this page in your favorite because you might not be able to reach it again.

2- Find the course or the courses package you want from the courses page.

3- Calculate the fees in Egyptian Pound by multiplying the USD amount * 4.

4- Transfer the amount to the following bank in Egypt:

Bank Name: Commercial International Bank CIB Egypt

Beneficiary Name: HANY MOHAMED ISMAIL ATTIA – Planning Engineer

Account Number: 100030477736

Please note that this is a company bank account, so it will not accept deposit by the ATM machine, You need to deposit the amount in any CIB branch or using online banking.

5- Send a Whats App message to +201277767728 and include the receipt of the money deposit, the requested courses, and your registered Email in the website. If you do not have an account you can create a free account from this link: Register an Account

6- Within 24 hours the courses will be in your account and i will reply your Whats App message with a confirmation.


Best Regards,

Hany Ismael