Some professionals spend their entire careers not knowing what a claim is and how to prepare, analyze and defend one. This course provides participants with the fundamental knowledge and principles behind construction claims. It is a professional and practical training provides engineers with the steps to reserve their rights and entitlements under construction contracts.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduce participants to claims administration from the beginning to the end of a project.
  • Examine the most common claims triggers between contractors and employers.
  • Provide participants with basic conflict-resolution skills.
  • Introduce participants to EOT time saving Tips& Tricks.


Course Details:

Intensive Course

Duration: 4 days (Full Day – 6 Hours /Day) including

presentation, workshop, valuable supporting documents, soft & hard templates for conditions of contract for building & engineering works, conditions of contract for EPC/Turnkey projects, guidance for the preparation of particular conditions).

Fees:  2000 AED per candidate , Include( Soft Material Flash Memory, Hard copy of all materials , Free snacks and drinks).

Special offers:

Credentialing teams bring a 5th member free! Organizations that purchase 4 seats to Construction Claims Management and Delays Analysis Course are eligible to bring a 5th team member to that Course for free.

Team pricing Special pricing for organizations that bring large teams (more than 5) is available. To learn more, please contact us : [email protected]

Location UAE – Dubai

Who Should Attend?
This course is essential for the career development of project managers; lawyers; and construction, site, planning, cost, procurement, contract and tendering engineers. Senior engineers from any background, whether working for owners, consultants or contractors, will also benefit from this course.

Course Language:
Instruction, documents and workshop exercises will all be in English. However, Arabic could be used during oral explanations, based on the desire of the participants.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Definition of “Claim”
  • Sources of Claims
  • Stages of the Claim
  • Extension of Time Claims
  • EOT Claims Importance
  • Making Claims Responsibility
  • Claim Building ,Requirements, Steps
  • Find Events Step
  • Risk Events
  • Events Sources
  • Client Events
  • Direct Events
  • Hidden Events
  • Collect and Record Supporting Documents
  • Collect Supporting Documents During Project Execution
  • Collect Supporting Documents During Claim Preparation
  • Recording Supporting Documents
  • Discussion Meeting Log
  • Delays Tracking Log
  • Record Events
  • Analyze the delays
  • Claims Analysis
  • Global Method for Delay Analysis
  • As Planned Method for Delay Analysis
  • As Built Method for Delay Analysis
  • As Planned vs. As Built Method for Delay Analysis
  • Time Impact Analysis Method for Delay Analysis
  • Windows Snapshot Method for Delay Analysis
  • Additional Payment and Prolongation Costs Claim
  • Update Delays Tracking Log
  • Build Your Case
  • As Planned vs. As Built Method for Delay Analysis
  • Primavera Practical Case
  • Events Schedules
  • All Events Schedule
  • Total Delays Duration
  • Events Narrative documents
  • Get ready to defend your case
  • Different Methods for Dispute Resolution
  • Claim Reports
  • Reports Generation from Delays Log Method
  • Claims Procedures Under FIDIC
  • FIDIC Contact Forms Introduction
  • Claims Contractual Types
  • Claims Procedures Under FIDIC 1999
  • Claims Negotiation and Settlement
  • FIDIC Time Frame for Claims

We will be available in Dubai from 2 December to 12 December 2016. Please fill the form below and we will contact you to reserve your seat.